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2009 Free Agency: July 1 Open Thread

The NHL Draft over the weekend wasn't quite as busy on the transaction front as people had expected. Only two major moves were made, but the foundations for other moves and possible signings as free agency begins today could've been set while the hockey world gathered in Montreal.

The Flyers, of course, made the biggest move of the weekend, acquiring Chris Pronger. But they aren't done as free agency begins at 12 PM ET. Will they sign a goalie today? Will they re-sign Mike Knuble today? Where will Martin Biron land? Where will Dany Heatley be traded? WILL Dany Heatley be traded?

There are a ton of questions and a ton of excitement is bound to take place today. Spend the afternoon here at Broad Street Hockey.

Here is some reading material to set you up for the day...