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Free Agency: 3 pm Update

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Mike Knuble is now a Washington Capital.
Mike Knuble is now a Washington Capital.

At the three hour mark, here's a look at the Free Agent picture as it affects the Flyers:

  • Mike Knuble signed a 2 year deal with the Washington Capitals, worth $2.8 million.

    This is the first point since this is probably the most disappointing development of the day (besides the fact that the Flyers have done nothing so far).  Simply, Knuble will be missed.  A lot.  In the locker room as a teammate and a leader, on the power play, as our biggest forward, as Mike Richards' longtime winger, Knuble will be hard to replace.  And James van Riemsdyk is not ready yet despite many people's wishes, so don't expect him to start the year with the club.  The bright side to this is that he didn't sign with the Penguins.
  • Goalies are flying off the proverbial shelves.

    Dwayne Roloson, Ty Conklin, and Craig Anderson have all already signed (Islanders $2.5 mil/yr, Blues $1.3 mil/yr, and Avalanche $1.8 mil/yr, respectively) with clubs and the Flyers are still without a backup.  With Conklin and Anderson gone, speculation moves to Scott Clemmensen and Brian Boucher.  More on this later.  (Ed. Update:  Flyers sign Brian Boucher to 2 year, $1.85 million contract averaging $925k/yr.)
  • Marian Hossa signs latest high priced contract, this time with Chicago.

    Not really Flyers related, but 12 years for $62.4 ($5.23 mil/yr) is a long time.  Not the money he could have made had he signed with Pittsburgh last year, but where will Chicago get the money to pay Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Brian Campbell, Patrick Sharp, Cristobal Huet, and all the other talented defenseman on that team?  Martin Havlat is as good as gone with the Hossa signing.
  • Former Flyer Donald Brashear goes to the Rangers, and no one cares.

    Now they have Sean Avery and Brashear, but really, who even notices?  Brashear isn't the same player he was with the Flyers, let alone the Canucks, but he has apparently turned into a pretty good leader.  I would add more, but I don't even care.  Two year deal worth $2.8 mil total.
  • Quick Hits:
    The Sedin twins are staying in Vancouver (5 years, $30.5 million each, $6.1 mil/yr for each)
    Scott Niedermayer is staying in Anaheim (1 year, $6 million)
    Mattias Ohlund heads to Tampa (7 years, $26.25 million, $3.75 mil/yr)