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Boucher and Laperriere excited for opportunities

In their own words, here are what Brian Boucher and Ian Laperriere told the media tonight via conference call.

I’ve always loved Philly. Being drafted by the Flyers, they were very good to me.  Paul Holmgren was very good to me in giving me a chance to come back a couple years ago and play in the minors and get my game back, and then allowing me to go to San Jose and get back in the National Hockey League.  I’m grateful to the Philadelphia Flyers and Paul Holmgren. I love Philadelphia.  I love playing here, the excitement… there’s nothing like playoff hockey in Philadelphia.

[Ray Emery] has a lot to prove, and hopefully I can be the kind of guy that can help him play well and be there for him and be a good tandem, and provide our team with great goaltending night in and night out -- doesn’t matter who’s in there.

>> Brian Boucher

Every time [the Flyers] make a move, like when they went to get Pronger last week, it’s exciting.  When they make moves like that, they show their fans and their team too that they want to win and they’ll do anything to win.  They go get a guy like Emery who’s got everything to prove.  He’s a hell of a goalie and he’s got everything to prove and it’s exciting.  We’ve got a lot of guys on this team who haven’t won yet and they want to prove to the hockey world that they’re winners. It’s very exciting.

I've been on losing teams and winning teams. I like winning teams much better.  I hate to lose like most of the guys.  Most of the guys in the NHL, you don’t make it to this level by liking to lose.  You want to win at any cost, and that’s what I try to bring wherever I’ve played before, and what I’m going to try to bring to Philly.

>> Ian Laperriere

Paul Holmgren has also said that he'd like to add one more offensive player, given that the Flyers have lost about 50 goals from last seasons roster. One more scoring forward, plus full-seasons of Claude Giroux and Danny Briere should more than make up the difference.