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Update from Glens Falls and a quick introduction

via <a href="">Albany (NY) Times Union</a>
via Albany (NY) Times Union

Hello from upstate New York!  I stopped by the Glens Falls Civic Center yesterday to pay the balance on my season tickets and I can tell you the orange and black is fresh on the walls!  The Phantoms locker room was being painted and the team offices are done.  A lot of people in this neck of the woods are excited to have the AHL back!

I will be reporting at least once a week on what is going on here in Glens Falls (Adirondack).  It might even be twice a week, if I get a student teacher during the season!  I will also contribute when someone gets a call-up or if a trade is made during the season that involves someone at this level.  I realize that some of you that read this already know the Phantoms better than I do at this time.  Give me a few weeks into camp and I'll get up to speed.

As happy as I am to have AHL back in Glens Falls, I also feel for Phantom fans in Philadelphia.  In 1999, we lost the Adirondack Red Wings to a barn that was to be built.  Does this sound familiar?  The Wings never made it to Ohio, and later sold the AHL franchise.  I can tell you the Flyers prospects are going to be in a very good place.  This community supports its team and its players like few do.  Many former A-Wings still live in the area or make this area their summer home.

I started loving hockey in 1979, the first year the Red Wings were in town.  My parents had season tickets for all 20 years the A-Wings were in Glens Falls.  I spent many a night on my father's lap watching the Wings play.  As I got older I split games with my folks, basically one of them would stay home so I could go.  I was only two years old when the Wings came to Glens Falls, but still remember their first Calder Cup in 1980-1981.  I still remember them skating around the rink with the cup and kicking balloons around the ice.  Now I get to bring my young son to games!  I guess things have gone full circle for me.  As a teacher this line is huge:  I am looking forward to September and October 3rd, our opening night.

As the summer goes on I'll check-in with some Phantom updates and I'll give you a feel for Glens Falls.  Just a little bit about the area itself and the great hockey tradition it had in the 80s and 90s.  I also encourage you all to make a trip up and check out a game.  The Glens Falls Civic Center is a great old barn and there is not a bad seat in the house.