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Now Featuring Mobile Commenting

You've requested it about nine bazillion times. The tech team at SB Nation has answered your calls. From the tech team...

We are very excited to introduce mobile commenting to the platform. You can now sign in to each blog you are a member of and comment in GameThreads from the game or the bar or participate in an interesting discussion happening on a blog from anywhere with your phone.

There are two things to note in this release of mobile commenting. First, mobile login is not network wide. You must sign into each community individually. Second, we did some cross browser testing with as many phones as possible, but we cannot test each phone. If you have any issues with mobile commenting please let us know at or using the contact form at the bottom of each page in the network. Please be sure to provide your phone model and browser type along with a very detailed description of the problem in your email.

One thing though... if you're at the bar, don't comment on GameThreads (unless of course you REALLY want to). That's kinda weird.