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DirecTV Drops Versus, Eight Flyers Games Hang in the Balance

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If you live in Europe, where today's date is written 1/9/09, you may have misread a calendar and turned on your TV in the hopes of seeing some good ol' January hockey.  And if you have DirecTV in Europe (this is where the scenario loses some footing), and you tuned to Versus hoping to see hockey, you would have been met with the following message:

Versus is no longer available on this channel.

Comcast, which owns Versus, has forced us to take down the channel because we will not submit to their unfair and outrageous demands.

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The Flyers are scheduled to play eight games this season on Versus (tied for third most in the league), plus many more as the Orange and Black make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals during next year's playoffs.

Odds are the tiff will be resolved by the start  of the season. But if it's not--how would your hockey life be impacted by not getting Versus? Would you be willing to pay extra for it?