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Cheat the System: Win tickets to Flyers at Devils, or maybe just an autographed puck

The New Jersey Devils are running a contest on Twitter in which they will give away five sets of tickets to their home opener against the Flyers on Friday, October 3. If you're 18 or older and you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, or Connecticut, you can cheat the system and take a stab at winning those tickets.

It's a pretty simple process. Just follow the Devils' official Twitter feed -- @NHLDevils -- and retweet the following message: RT @NHLDevils I love the New Jersey Devils because..., list a reason why you "love" the Devils, and include the hashtag #GoDevils. Entries today (Thursday, Sept. 10) from 12 AM ET to 8 PM ET are being accepted. For full rules, visit their page.

Of course, selling your soul and proclaiming love for a team like them is really unacceptable, but there's no rule that says being sarcastic isn't an option. So, you could say something like "I love the Devils because nobody else wants to" or "I love the Devils because boring hockey is totally my thing" or... well, you get the point.

There will be an automatic, electronic drawing of the winners on Friday afternoon, but obviously, the Devils intend to give away these tickets to fans of their team. They clearly hold discretion on awarding the prizes and they probably wouldn't include entries that are obviously from Flyers fans. So since it's already been determined that selling your soul and disguising yourself as a Devils fan is strictly prohibited, we're going to throw a little contest of our own. 

Sadly, we can't give away tickets to that same game, but if you're clever enough, you can win a puck autographed by Flyers captain Mike Richards. Here's how it's going to work...

Take part in the Devils contest. Add them on Twitter (@NHLDevils) and give them a reason why you "love" them. Include our Twitter account, @BroadStHockey, and the hashtag #GoFlyers in the reply. Then, be as funny and sarcastic as you possibly can. Don't be rude or crude, but have fun and be creative. The best, most entertaining responses will be narrowed down by the BSH staff (we're obviously not eligible) and readers will be able to vote on the winner at the beginning of next week. The winner will receive a puck autographed by Mike Richards.

Here's a sample entry:

@NHLDevils @BroadStHockey I love the Devils because boring hockey is totally my thing. #GoFlyers

Fine print: You must be a follower of us on Twitter, and you must include the hashtag #GoFlyers in your response. You also must send your Tweet to @NHLDevils and @BroadStHockey. Your message must fit in one tweet. You must be a member of Broad Street Hockey and you must be a Flyers fan. Your entry must be entered between the time of this posting and 8 PM ET on Thursday, September 10. It's not hard -- just follow these simple rules to be eligible to win the prize.