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Ranking the Flyers: Number 9

In a very close vote, Scott Hartnell narrowly beat out Danny Briere and Braydon Coburn. Hartnell won by 13 votes, with Coburn 6 behind Briere. Final percent tallies were 35% for Hartnell, 31% for Briere, and 29% for Coburn.

In keeping with the two day limit, we move on to Number 9.

Also, if at any time you think someone needs to be added to the poll, put it in the comments. I don't expect anybody to want to vote Andreas Nodl in the top 10, but I do figure it will happen soon.

  1. Mike Richards
  2. Kimmo Timonen
  3. Jeff Carter
  4. Chris Pronger
  5. Simon Gagne
  6. Claude Giroux
  7. Ray Emery
  8. Scott Hartnell