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Ding Dong: Bell Tolls for Mark Bell *Update

Eds. Note: Mark Bell has officially been cut from the team.  The Training Camp roster has been updated here.'s Tim Panaccio reports that Mark Bell has almost certainly been cut, as indicated by his absence from camp.

It's cut day in Voorhees, and it appears that Bell is one of the first victims. He hasn't been impressive in training camp thus far, seemingly just going through the motions while other players like Blair Betts and Mika Pyorala work much harder.

It's a sad day for Bell, but its arguably sadder for those who write about the Flyers.  Here are just some of the things we'll never get to write about Mark Bell:

  • "Bell Chimes in on Goalie Controversy"
  • "Mark Bell Shows More Cracks Than Brother Liberty Bell"
  • "Bell Rings Up Sidney Crosby"
  • "Flyers Playoff Hopes Saved by the Bell"

Feel free to share your memories of Mark Bell's time with the Flyers in the comments, as well as any puns you can think of that I may have missed.