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Ranking the Flyers: Number 13

In a very close vote, Matt Carle beat out Ryan Parent by 2 votes, receiving 31% to Parent's 30. Coming in third was Ian Laperriere with 12%.

Last round saw the addition of Andreas Nodl, Kevin Marshall, and Marc-Andre Bourdon to the poll, so this round I figure we'll just throw a few more in. Why not?

And remember kids, every vote matters, so those six individuals who voted for Riley Cote, you could have swung the vote to Parent if you wished. Those three voting for OKT could have swung it by voting Parent instead, or those two individuals who voted for Marc-Andre Bourdon could have created a tie. Just putting it out there. Your vote matters!

  1. Mike Richards
  2. Kimmo Timonen
  3. Jeff Carter
  4. Chris Pronger
  5. Simon Gagne
  6. Claude Giroux
  7. Ray Emery
  8. Scott Hartnell
  9. Braydon Coburn
  10. Danny Briere
  11. James van Riemsdyk
  12. Matt Carle