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Fan Confidence At An All-Time High! Inaugural Poll Comes In At 77.3%

fan confidence 77.3
fan confidence 77.3

Fans are 77.3 percent confident in the current direction of the Philadelphia Flyers organization, according to the first ever Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Poll, taken over the last 24 hours. Readers were given options between 100 percent and 0 percent, and then the average was taken to determine overall fan confidence.

375 fans took part in the poll. Most fans voted either 80 percent or 90 percent, with both numbers deadlocked at 125 votes a piece. 42 voters said they were 100 percent confident in the team, while 38 said they had 70 percent confidence in the Flyers.

The final result probably would've been in the mid-to-high 80 percent range if it weren't for several fans who seemingly have no faith in the organization at all. 25 of the 375 fans polled said they had zero confidence in the Flyers organization, a drastic about face from the majority. That number is probably buoyed by what commenter flyrsfrk05 called "jealous and bitter" division rivals also weighing in on the poll, but nevertheless it did have an outcome on the final numbers. There is, of course, the possibility that there are disillusioned Flyers fans in the masses, so altering the numbers to get rid of trolling rivals would be irresponsible.

We'll have another poll next Monday morning, with results on Tuesday. By then, the regular season will be two games old and the Flyers will be ready for the home opener against Washington.