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Many Wings Could Take Flight For Flyers

Dearly departed winger Mike Knuble.  Photo via <a href=""></a>
Dearly departed winger Mike Knuble. Photo via

(If you didn't roll your eyes at that title, you may want to check your pulse).

As Sam Carchidi points out in today's Inquirer, the Flyers had several wings clipped during this off-season. The departures of both Joffrey Lupul and Mike Knuble, plus the acquisition of Ian Laperriere, left the Flyers with too many centers and too few wings. While the desired wing-center ratio for a team should be something close to 2-to-1, the Flyers starting roster is much closer to 1-to-1.

While Carchidi's article focuses on finding wings to add to the roster through rookie camp, it seems to me that the simpler solution would be to find a current center to move to wing. While the duties of a center and winger are not identical, the basic gist of both positions is to score goals. There is less of an emphasis on both defense and play-making for wings, but speed is more of a plus.

With those factors in mind, which potential top-three line center for the Flyers do you think would be able to be the most effective if moved to the wing? Explain your vote in the comments.