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Broad Street Hockey Radio: We're Back! With A Few Changes

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After our first experiment with Broad Street Hockey Radio went up in flames thanks to iffy technology, Geoff, Ben and I returned to the drawing board to work out the kinks. We're back at it now with the next, sure to be successful incarnation of the program.

We've ditched the live show and are now doing a straight up podcast. It'll be a weekly show, usually uploaded on Wednesday mornings depending on the Flyers schedule. We're planning on bringing in several of you -- the members of BSH -- to join our program.

Each week we'll bring in someone new to join us for a segment about anything you'd like. We're working on setting up a voicemail service that will allow listeners to call the show at any time during the week and leave a rant which will be played back on the program.

That's all in addition to our usual banter about everything Flyers, and as you'll quickly learn, a lot of other topics we wade our way into as well.

We taped our first episode overnight. You can read all about it and, of course, listen to the show, after the jump.

The link to subscribe to BSH Radio on iTunes is available by clicking here. You can go ahead and delete the old feed from iTunes or whatever podcast service you use because it doesn't work anymore. As we explain on this weeks show, the service we were using before sabotaged us (they're from Pittsburgh, we should've seen it coming). So get the new link. It's by far the easiest way to get the show every week.

On the first edition of the program, the three of us talk about Thursday night's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Was it a case of the Flyers looking ahead to the Capitals on Sunday, or are there greater concerns here? How much should we worry about this game in particular?

We talk about the fights that took place and the hype that built up heading into the game. Did Scott Hartnell's absence from the lineup take away from the potential for early fisticuffs? We also discuss our thoughts the physical play that did take place toward the end of the game, namely Jay Rosehill, Colton Orr, and their gang of thieves.

We move on from the game and talk about the FSN Pittsburgh incident. Did FSN's producer know that his actions would have such a large impact on the game? What should the NHL do going forward to prevent these things from happening?

We somehow find our way back to hockey and discuss Michael Leighton, his stellar play of late, and when we might see Ray Emery playing hockey again. We also speculate on Brian Boucher's future in Philadelphia now that he appears to be the odd man out.

How much of Ole-Kristian Tollefsen's poor play against the Leafs to blame on his injury? Is he looking forward to the Olympics, too? How about Danny Syvret's resurgence as a strong defenseman (and offensive dynamo) prior to his injury? You'll never guess how much money his Winter Classic jersey is going for in an auction.

Or listen right here using our embedded player...