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Wednesday Morning Fly-By: Richards and Umberger Show

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Obviously, this is a feature that has been missing lately.  We're not guaranteeing this will return full-time - even though we hope - but there was a lot of talk about this around the site recently.

So with that, I bring you some links:

  • Last night's NHL scores... ATL 4 - TOR 3; NYR 8 - TB 2; WAS 3 - DET 2; PIT 6 - NYI 4; OTT 4 - CHI 1; SJ 5 - LA 1; ANA 5 - BUF 4
  • After the game, we here at BSH did our weekly radio show.  Travis will be posting it later today, but don't forget about our as-yet unnamed voice-mail where you can rant and rave about the Flyers at any time.
  • A lot of stories about R.J. Umberger after the game last night, mostly all glowing praise.  Did you know he has a Flyers logo tattoo?  Or that he sought out a few members of the media last night to apologize for not acknowledging the fans after the game?  "I don't want [the fans] to think I'm blowing them off or anything." [DelCo Times] [Daily News] [Seravalli]
  • Also, you may have heard about the recent Richards v. the media spat over the weekend.  Well, it was written about a few more times.  First, the negative take on Richards:  "He mumbled an answer to a second question and took a side door out of the room. If he was going to dispel the notion that he's acting petulantly, that didn't do it." [Inquirer]
  • Then, a slight defense of the embattled Captain:  "Besides, it’s not so much about being a captain as it is a being a leader. As Clement says, it didn’t matter if Clarke was the captain or not because everyone knew he was the best leader out there." []
  • With former coach Ken Hitchcock in town, he even chimed in on the subject:  "Hitchcock contends that a team captain does not have to be its spokesman.  "There is a clear understanding that he fights like hell for his teammates," he said of Richards. "It's a quality that every coach in this league would love to have. We'd die to have that type of player on our team." [Daily News]
  • Great story out of Adirondack as Nic Riopel pledges $1 for every save he makes at home to go to a season ticket holder with cancer.  [PostStar]
  • Jon Willis does great work over at his site, and this time he looks at the success rate of first-round draft picks:  "However, goaltenders are off the charts bad: a first-round goaltender is more than twice as likely not to reach the 100 game plateau as a first-round skater." [Hockey or Die]
  • Lastly, another Willis post where he looks at each team's playoff chances through the lens of goal-differential:  "A few teams stand out. Philadelphia is the most obvious one here; while they’re currently a bubble team, by goal differential they’re probably a second-tier contender in the Eastern Conference, and if I were betting on teams improving their record over the second half they’d be one of the first teams I’d consider." [Hockey or Die]