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BSH Radio 2 - Sarah Baicker of, Richards v The Media, Emery's Return

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Mike Richards with the media, in happier times.
Mike Richards with the media, in happier times.

On Tuesday night after the Flyers beat the Blue Jackets 5-2, Ben, Geoff and I taped the most recent installment of BSH Radio.

The Recap

Sarah Baicker of joins on us this weeks program. We talk about the recent battle in the ongoing war between Mike Richards and the Philadelphia media and her take on the situation as a member of one side of that feud. We also talk about some other media-related stuff, including CSN Philly's rise in the Internet realm.

But in shifting back to hockey, Sarah gives us her take on the current crop of Flyers, Ray Emery's return, and if we should have hope for this Flyers team to still make a deep run in the postseason. The interview runs for about 20 minutes.

Geoff, Ben, and I also discuss the two most recent games the Flyers have played in, versus Washington and Columbus. We talk at length about Emery's' return. Was it too soon? Did he improve against Columbus on Tuesday? What about the team as a whole? Have they turned a corner? What were the problems on Sunday, and were they fixed on Tuesday?

Also, Ben was in attendance at Verizon Center in DC on Sunday and he gives us his first hand take on just how much he likes Caps fans, so you'll certainly want to hear that.

After the jump, get the episode.

Follow our guest's work on Twitter [@sbaicker] and on [archive].

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