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Thursday Fly By & Discussion Thread: Haiti Donations! Brindy Loses 'C', Syvret's Jersey Auction

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Geoff brought the Morning Fly By back yesterday, and we're going to make a concerted effort to really make it a daily feature again. Even if we have to bring someone new into the fold just to make it happen, we'll consider doing that.

One new part in bringing back a daily list of links is pushing the fact that this post can be used as a daily discussion thread, where you're free to ramble on and go off on tangents throughout your day. If you have a random thought and need somewhere to let it out, here's your spot. Talk about the links too, of course.  Just keep it clean and civil as always.

With that said, let's get to the good stuff.

  • Last night's NHL scores... NJD 2, FLA 0 - STL 4, MTL 3 (OT) - VAN 3, EDM 2 (OT)
  • We're still raising money toward relief efforts in Haiti. Since Tuesday night we've raised almost 200 dollars, and with the end of the week/pay day coming, we're going to keep reminding you that donations are still open. You'll even get yourself on a nice list of people who donated (by user name, not actual name -- let us know if you don't want inclusion for any reason, though). [BSH Haiti Donations]
  • The Flyers have perennially been towards the top of the league in man-games lost to injury. They're smack dab in the middle right now, 15th in the league with 127 man-games lost. [Mirtle]
  • Cam Janssen might be of the opinion that goalies should be fair game when outside of their crease. Carey Price, probably not. [SBN Hockey]
  • First, the Hurricanes made Rod Brind'Amour a healthy scratch for a game. Now, he's been stripped of his captaincy as the team begins to rebuild. Eric Staal is the new captain, the 13th in franchise history. [Canes Country]
  • The ownership group of the Tampa Bay Lightning have gone into default on financing being handled by the previous ownership group, Palace Sports and Entertainment Inc., who own the Detroit Pistons. [Red Wings Corner] and [Raw Charge]
  • Here's a statistics article about hitting. No Flyers are involved. Bizarro world? [Behind The Net]
  • Patrice Cormier of the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies in the QMJHL will learn his fate on Monday, when that league reviews and hands down discipline for his vicious hit on Quebec's Michael Tam. If you missed the video of the hit, here it is. Be warned, it's extremely graphic. [SBN Hockey]
  • The Penguins goaltender carousel keeps on spinnin' during Marc-Andre Fleury's absence. Boo hoo. [Pensburgh]
  • Ever wonder what it's like to be a beer league referee? [Globe & Mail]
  • Danny Syvret's Winter Classic jersey auction continues, ending tonight at midnight. Current price: $1,001.01. [NHL Auctions]