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Power play disappears as Flyers fall to Pens

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[Boxscore] - [Pittsburgh Reaction]

Final - 1.24.2010 1 2 3 Total
Pittsburgh Penguins 1 0 1 2
Philadelphia Flyers 1 0 0 1

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One-for-nine on the power play.

You can complain about terrible officiating all you'd like, and Peter Laviolette certainly did that after today's 2-1 Flyers loss to Pittsburgh. You can have a valid point in believing that Mike Richards' second period goal shouldn't have been disallowed. You can have a valid point in saying the momentum that the Penguins picked up following the no-goal call was a killer blow to the Flyers during that second period.

But when you go one-for-nine on the power play, you're not going to win hockey games. And you don't deserve to win hockey games. That's just the bottom line.

It was a frustrating loss today, especially considering the Flyers did play quite well. They looked extremely solid in the first and third periods, and even in the second until the aforementioned Richards no-goal, which would've been the 100th of his career. In many ways, the Flyers deserved a win today.

But in the midst of some positives, there were clearly negatives. Obviously, the power play woes ultimately did them in. They couldn't get solid second chances on goaltender Brent Johnson and they tried to get too fancy with the puck too often. Richards and Claude Giroux, in particular, had several opportunites to put the puck in the net and instead decided to pass the puck, results unsuccessful.

Because of this, they made Johnson look like an all-star, and while he certainly played well, the Flyers just didn't challenge him nearly enough. We're talking about a guy and a team who allowed 18 goals in their last three games before today, and the Flyers just didn't get the job done in favorable circumstances.

Luckily, however, Boston was crushed by Carolina 5-1 tonight, so the Flyers still stand in 6th place in the Eastern Conference. It'll be a minor miracle however if they're still there come Thursday, when they next take the ice against Atlanta.

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the day.

Questions With Answers

  1. Will Fleury be shaky in goal today, his first game in over a week? Can the Flyers pepper him with shots and make him work early? Much to the surprise of most in attendance, Johnson got the start over Fleury, who the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported was 'likely' to get the start. The Flyers got chances on Johnson but couldn't get many second-chance opportunities. The goalie had it pretty easy.
  2. Mike Richards was invisible yesterday. Can he not be so invisible today, and maybe even pick up his 100th NHL goal? He scored a beautiful goal the one time he actually shot the puck instead of making a dumb extra pass, but it was disallowed. (he actually had two shots, not counting the goal which, according to statistics, never happened)
  3. How much ice time will Eric Godard see today? 2:44. Just about as useless as Cote.
  4. Can Chris Pronger keep his four game point streak in tact? No.
  5. Funniest sign in the building today? Honestly not too sure. Most weren't that clever, so it'll probably go to one of sign man's classics, like 'YOU'LL CHOKE' or 'NEXT GOALIE'.

Comment of the Day


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