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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Stevens on TV, Parent Again, and Green Man

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Today's open discussion thread, including your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Last night's NHL scores... LA 5 - TOR 3; WAS 7 - NYI 2; ATL 2 - ANA 1; CLB 3 - NSH 2; PHX 5 - DET 4 (OT); OTT 3 - NJ 0; FLA 2 - MTL 1; CHI 4 - EDM 2.
  • With wins last night, both Washington and Ottawa have now won 7 games in a row.
  • An interview with Ryan Parent after his surgery.  Something he said should scare everybody:  "I had similar pain [in Nashville], it was the same disc, but a different spot, and not the same injury," Parent said. "It just happens to be the same disc." [CSNPhilly]
  • BSH recorded our weekly radio show last night, Travis will be posting it later today.
  • John Stevens made his Versus debut last night.  Video included. [Daily News]
  • Ryan Miller showed off his Olympic mask and it's pretty sweet. [The Times Herald]
  • Remember Clint Malarchuk?  No? Well I'm sure you remember when the Buffalo Sabres' goalie had his jugular vein sliced by a skate during a game in 1989.  That was Clint Malarchuk in goal.  Well, he was arrested for DUI over the weekend with a BAC of .233 - nearly three times the legal limit. [RecordCourier]
  • What's with the trend of picking really young players to wear the 'C'?  Will the trend continue? [From The Rink]
  • After some... interesting photos of Patrick Kane surfaced over the weekend, Jon Willis says what a lot of us here have been saying:  "I’d be surprised if every single team in the league didn’t have at least a couple of guys who enjoy the nightlife, maybe even a little too much." [Hockey or Die]
  • Tim McManus wonders what an Albany move would mean to Adirondack, using attendence numbers. [PostStar]
  • Green man is out in Vancouver.  Again.