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BSH Radio 3: Frank D Talks Flyers-Pens, Carcillo Beats Down Gaborik, New Defensemen?

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On Tuesday evening, Ben, Geoff and I taped this weeks edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio.

The Recap

On this week's edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, we jump in right off the bat and talk about Dan Carcillo's beatdown of Marian Gaborik last week. Should Gaborik have dropped the gloves with Carcillo? Should a teammate have stepped in? Was there a lack of honor in it, as John Tortorella said there was?

We then bring in Frank D from Pensburgh and to talk all things Pittsburgh Penguins, mostly surrounding the game from this past weekend. He talks about goalie Brent Johnson. Is he really a decent goalie or did the Flyers just not get the job done against him on Sunday? What about the fledgling Pens power play? Are the Flyers even considered a threat to the Penguins anymore?

Moving on, we peer into the future and try to figure out what the Flyers may do at the trade deadline. Paul Holmgren has said he's looking for a defenseman, so who's available? Should the Flyers even do anything? Is trading for prospects instead of roster players a smarter idea? And what about this offseason? What's the plan there?

Much shorter show this week, but you'll have to deal. Thanks for listening as always, of course. 

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