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Movin' On Up: Fan Confidence Rises 40 Points To 68.8 Percent

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The Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Rating is a measurement of how confident fans are in the current direction of the organization as a whole. Voters take into account the team's on-ice performance, management and coaching decisions, and the overall status of prospects and the farm system.

Coming in at just 28.3 percent last time we took a count back on December 23, the confidence of Flyers fans is up a whopping 40 points in this weeks calculation of the Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Rating.

Fans are now 68.8 percent confident in the direction of the club. It's not surprising that the number went up, considering the Flyers have won all but four games since that last vote and are right in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race.  But 40 points? They still sit in 6th place, tied in points with 9th place Boston and one point ahead of the 12th place New York Islanders.

The Flyers do control their own destiny though, and fans must be confident in this teams ability to turn it on full blast when it matters.