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Game 42, Preview and Open Thread: Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers

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#14 Toronto Maple Leafs (15-19-9, 39 pts) at #12 Philadelphia Flyers (19-19-3, 41 pts)
Wachovia Center - 7:00 PM EST - Philadelphia, PA
TV: CSN Philly HD, TSN HD, Yahoo! Online
Radio: 610 WIP (internet stream), XM 206
This is the open game thread.
Behind Enemy Lines: Pension Plan Puppets

Sorry for no preview tonight. The SBN servers were down for some time this evening and we weren't able to get it up prior to the game. In any event, this is your open thread.

Again, apologies there's no more meat here. I'm posting this from my phone anyway, crazy technology.

Leighton is your starter. LET'S GO FLYERS!