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Is Sergei Bobrovsky really the number two goalie?

There was a story today in the Philadelphia Inquirer that explained how Sergei Bobrovsky is the number two goaltender on the Flyers depth chart. This implies, of course, that Bob has made the Flyers and will be travelling to Pittsburgh next week to watch Brian Boucher take on the Penguins in the season opener.

Here's how the Inqy described the situation.

Thanks to a dazzling training camp - and injuries to Michael Leighton and Johan Backlund - 22-year-old rookie Sergei "Bob" Bobrovsky has climbed to No. 2 on the Flyers' goalie depth chart.

The goalie who is No. 1, veteran Brian Boucher, has become one of Bobrovsky's biggest fans.

That's all fine and good and everything, but I'd like to see a Flyers official -- be it Paul Holmgren or Peter Laviolette or even Jeff Reese -- on record saying that Bobrovsky has passed Johan Backlund on the depth chart. (And no, Backlund isn't hurt anymore. He sat on the bench on Tuesday night.)

Yes, Bobrovsky has been impressive -- beyond that, even. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, too, and the fact that Laviolette played Bob for the full game on Wednesday against New York while Backlund played door man does likely mean something. That's only amplified by the fact that Backlund will yet again be on the bench tonight as the Flyers host the Sabres. Bobrovsky or Boucher will start.

So while it does look likely that Bob could be the number two goalie come next Thursday, we cannot unequivocally say that he is the number two goalie on the depth chart without confirmation from the organization.

To do so, especially without making the distinction that the Flyers haven't officially announced anything on the subject, is a simple case of reporting false information. From the largest paper in the sixth largest city in the country.

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