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Six new shirts in the BSH Store!

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Last night we added six new shirt designs to the inventory over at the BSH Store. They include...

Penswagon_design_medium_medium Timeout-master_design_medium_mediumV-for-ville_design_medium_medium
No-math_design_medium_medium The-grouch_design_medium_medium Giroux-cheese_design_medium_medium

Those are in addition to the 15 other designs still available in our store. Be sure to check them all out. If you'd like to purchase one of the new designs above, just click on the one you want and it'll take you to the page. Most of them have several different styles you can choose from, and the Penswagon shirt is available in a ringer tee as well.

For more from our designer, Shaun Kreider, check him out at KreiderDesigns.