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Do you care about Matt Walker's injury?

I'm not trying to sound insensitive here. Matt Walker is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers and he needs hip surgery that will sideline him for 10 to 12 weeks, according to Frank Seravalli. That sucks.

But in trying to gauge reaction to this news today, I've noticed one overwhelming quality in how people feel about it.

Meh. Nobody seems to care. At all.

Sure, you feel bad for the guy, but beyond that, it doesn't really effect the Flyers roster. After all, Walker had yet to play in a game this season anyway and could probably be considered the eighth defenseman behind Oskars Bartulis. He's deep on the depth chart as is and I think most fans hoped throughout training camp that he'd be tucked away in the AHL to get some relief from his salary.

Instead, he's hurt, but here's the kicker -- the Flyers won't be putting him on LTIR, which would effectively eliminate his cap hit while he's injured, according to Seravalli. So while Simon Gagne soars down in Tampa, we're stuck with an expensive, eighth-on-the-freakin-depth-chart defenseman who'll be sitting in the press box for the next four months. It's hard not to be bitter about that.

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