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Flyers Listless in Loss to Blue Jackets

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When you play back-to-back games in different cities, you expect something of a let down in the second game.  Tonight, the Flyers had a letdown in the first game.  They had about two good shifts in the first period to start the game, then disappeared for forty minutes.

They found some urgency in the third period, but by that point, it was too little too late.  Chris Pronger got spun around on Columbus' first goal, allowing Chris Clark to walk right in front of Brian Boucher.  Boucher stopped the first shot, but the rebound lay right in front for Kyle Wilson to score his first ever NHL goal. 

The second period saw the Flyers fail to clear on the penalty kill, allowing the Blue Jackets to make two really pretty cross-ice passes, eventually finding Derick Brassard for the easy put away.  Don't let the shot totals (29-25 Flyers) fool you, it was a terrible game.

Something to look out for, though: Scott Hartnell received a ten-minute misconduct at the end of the game, possibly for hitting a ref with his stick.

After the jump, Bullets, Questions with Answers, Highlights, and the Comment of the Night.

  • Peter Laviolette was (rightfully) not happy with his team in the post game press conference.

  • Chris Pronger got embarrassed on the first goal.
  • Boucher played very well, but once again could not get any help offensively.
  • Mike Richards and Danny Briere combined to win only 31.8% of their faceoffs, while the rest of the team won 15 of 29.
  • Jody Shelley got 6:16 of ice time, recording one hit and one blocked shot. That's 12 seconds less than Dan Carcillo
  • Danny Briere took a cross-checking, hooking, and a holding penalty.  All that's missing is a high stick.
  • If you can find Briere's post-game interview, and you thought Mike Richards was "whining" after the Penguins game, you will have an excellent contrast to compare.
  • Darroll Powe also took two minors, one of which at the most unfortunate time - right after the Flyers brought it within one.
  • There weren't any players worthy of saying they had a good game, outside of maybe Ville Leino.  Therefore, it is not worth it - or fair - to single out any more players for terrible play.  There's too many of them.

Questions with Answers

  1. Nikolay Zherdev returns to the place his NHL began. Does it provide the spark he needs to get going offensively? Not at all. Three shots, one giveaway, 11:41 of ice time.
  2. Brian Boucher is playing in back-to-back games for the first time this season. Is that the right move? Boucher played very well, but since the Flyers don't score when he's in net, might not be the right move.
  3. Mike Richards was a force on Saturday against Toronto. Can he keep it up? No.
  4. What about the top line? (Yes, the top line is Leino-Briere-Hartnell until further notice.) Do they keep it up? They played very well, with Leino scoring the only Flyers goal.
  5. The Cannon calls one of the Jackets' keys of the game "Shooting." Basically, when they get pucks on net, they've had success this season. Seems basic enough... can the Flyers block shots effectively, as they did against Toronto? The Flyers blocked 14 shots, which isn't bad, but Columbus didn't need to shoot often.
  6. Jody Shelley returns to his old stomping grounds. Jared Boll is back in the lineup for CBJ (how convenient). That's a fight waiting to happen, right? No.
  7. Backup goalie in for CBJ tonight. Nightmares for the Flyers? Yes.


Comment of the Night

Anyone else ready for the typical flyers; score with 5 mins left, make it close, and then go home with the L?

SkookFlyerfan >>>> Leino scored with exactly 5:01 left.

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