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BSH Radio 27: In which Geoff hopes to compare Brian Boucher to Cole Hamels

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I had cholera yesterday (apparently), so Ben and Geoff pulled off the first-ever edition of BSH Radio that doesn't feature me. So, needless to say, it's better than usual -- you'll want to listen. Ohio jokes abound.

In this weeks edition, Ben and Geoff break down the terrible Columbus game, the much better Buffalo game, and what to look for in tonight's game in Pittsburgh. (Side note: what is this? Flyers-play-teams-from-depressing-cities week?)

Geoff tries to compare Brian Boucher to Cole Hamels... one's the 2008 World Series MVP, the other is a career journeyman goaltender. But is there actually some truth to it? Their teams seemingly can't score for them and, as a result, they usually get the blame for losing games that should have fallen in the win column.

Ben makes me nervous about taking my hosting gig with an incredible segue from discussing the Buffalo game and the Flyers inconsistent offense to Jeff Carter and his role on the team going forward. (See, I did actually listen to the show. Jerks.)

Anyway, you should listen too. Get it after the jump.

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