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Trick or Treating on Broad Street

According to our reputation, Flyers fans are less likely to be candy seekers on Halloween, and are more likely to drift toward the flaming bag of poop side of the holiday.

But whether tricking or treating is your calling, an awesome costume is what defines Halloween success or failure.  And on this most orange and black of holidays, it seems appropriate to have some sort of Flyers-themed inspiration.

So if you did/are going to do something Flyersy this Halloween (or a previous one), or if you just have an idea for something that would be cool, share it here.  Group ideas are also encouraged, whether you're a pair of brothers going as the Watsons, or a pair of sisters going as Lauren Hart and Kate Smith.

Happy Halloween, errebody.

(This post was inspired by a discussion on BSH Radio 27, which you really should have listened to by now).

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