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Nodl temporarily sent to Phantoms as Flyers officially get roster down to size

At 3 PM Eastern today, rosters have to be set at 23 players.

The Flyers, with Ian Laperriere and Michael Leighton still on the roster, sit with 25 players. The reports from camp today say that Lappy has been placed on the normal injured reserve, which leaves his cap hit in play but takes him off of the active roster.

Leighton, meanwhile, is still on the active roster. Perhaps the Flyers can't get clearance on him yet, but I'd say it's only a matter of time before the team puts both of these guys on LTIR.

In the meantime, to get down to 23, Andreas Nodl has been loaned to the Phantoms. Paul Holmgren says he'll be called back up when things get set with the injury situation.

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