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Philadelphia Flyers Post-Game Quotes: 11/1 vs Carolina Hurricanes

The following quotes have been transcribed by the Philadelphia Flyers public relations department. We can't guarantee their complete accuracy because we didn't write them ourselves, but we provide them as a post-game service.

Flyers left wing Eric Wellwood

Q: Did you have enough time to settle in for your first NHL game?

"I haven't had enough time to take it all in yet, but I think my first period, I was just nervous and I think I made some mistakes that I usually don't make. By the third period I felt a lot more comfortable, hopefully I can keep things going."

Q: Were you able to adjust to the speed of the game quickly?

"Like I said, I think by the third period I felt like I got my game underneath my feet and I could use my speed to my advantage a little more. [I] had a lot of shots but [the puck] just didn't go in."

Q: Was there anyone in particular that made you feel more comfortable than anyone else?

"No, I think everybody, I was very shocked how about how much they embraced me and it was really nice to see. It made me feel a lot more comfortable."

Q: We're you able to speak with your brother? He was in Russia, does he know?

"Yeah, actually he was the first person I told. I got him on Skype and I got to talk to him. He told me just to play my game and that I got a lot more time with the puck than I think, it was a good help."

Q: What was it like playing with your line mates from the Phantoms compared to Richards and JVR?

"Richie and JVR are really good players. I'm not used to playing with [players] like that. The players on the Phantoms are pretty good too, but I don't know if they're as good as Richie, I don't want to put anyone down but it was nice to play with them."

Carolina Hurricanes Goalie Justin Peters

Q: On Scott Hartnell's first goal

"It was close, it took an unfortunate bounce there off of the guy's skate. You know, a lot of resilience from the boys fighting on the other end, getting the goal with 30 seconds left, showed no quit at all."

Q: That last goal, did it get a little part of your skate?

"Yeah, I think [Kimmo] Timonen shot it and it was going wide and hit the guy's skate and snuck in back door there."

Q: The team's been playing, it's win one, lose one, win one, lose one. Is it tough to get momentum going right now, a little pressure to put in a couple in a row for you?

"Yeah, you obviously don't want to be doing that, but at the same time we just want to stay the course, really compete hard every night. There was a lot of good things tonight but unfortunately it bounces the wrong way."

Hurricanes right wing Tuomo Ruutu

Q: You have played some really tough games down this stretch?

"Yeah we have played some tough games, but that's what this league is all about. We can look at our schedule ahead of us and it's going to be about the same. I'm not saying we are really bad, to be honest, or at the same time play really well. I think we can be better. We just got to do a little bit better in small things, like winning one on one battles and really being greedy in front of the net and to be a team that's tough to play against, whether teams are coming through Raleigh, or we play on the road. [They have to come and be afraid to play us.] It's not always winning with the big hits, but just a team that's really tough to play against."

Q: Faceoffs were kind of a problem for you tonight?

"Yeah that's true. It's one of those one or one battles as well. So, we got to concentrate on that. Once you lose, you need to be more persistent, as well and you need to think overall. Faceoffs, quarters, offensive zones, defensive zones, I think we can be greedier. I don't think we played bad, but we haven't played the way that we can play."

Flyers Goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky

Q: What did you think about tonight's game?

"Of course, yes. I'm getting used to the atmosphere and the hockey players and it's getting better."

Q: How would he assess his performance tonight?

"The most important thing is the team won today and I tried to do my best."

Q: He had been playing every other game and now he has played four games in a row, is it easier to get in a rhythm?

"It's not really something that's easier, it's just that I go out there whatever I'm able to do for my team."

Q: What happened on the second goal at the end?

"I was caught by surprise. I was looking at the other players and the puck went in."

Flyers Right Wing Claude Giroux

Q: I guess other guys figured they'd have to step up their game a little bit [with Danny Briere out of the lineup]?

"Yeah, well anytime you're missing guys like Briere in the lineup it's going to hurt you. But, I think guys played well. I really liked [Eric] Wellwood, I think he played very well tonight. He battled hard and I think the whole team did."

Q: Do you think this team is doing a lot of the little things that you weren't doing, maybe, two weeks ago? And what are they in your mind?

"Yeah I think we're just winning a lot of the details. Like the battles, the faceoffs and just the little details like that; and, when you do that you're always on the puck and you can hit better too. I think we're playing better than the start of the season. Since the [Oct. 25th] Columbus game we've been playing the way we should be playing and following a system."

Q: Have you worked on faceoffs lately?

"Yeah, I think it's a thing that's underrated in the game. I think it's important to win the faceoffs and I'm not too sure about the numbers tonight, but usually guys do pretty good. I think most of our centermen they took it seriously."

Q: Is it surprising to you with the changes in the lineup, not even just tonight, with [Nikolay] Zherdev back in after a couple, that you guys are basically in sync as you are with all the changes?

"Every team in the season is going to have changes like that and I think we did a good job of getting the chemistry fast. I think [Jeff] Carter, and I know [Scott] Hartnell had a big game too and I think it was really a big effort tonight. Guys were having fun and playing hard and that's how you win the games."

Q: What do you think Zherdev (lacked?) I'm sure it wasn't easy sitting the last couple of games.

"Yeah he's not too happy. I think it's pretty normal, you want to play. I think he played very well tonight. He was hard on the puck, he won battles and it was pretty fun playing with him tonight."

Flyers Left Wing Scott Hartnell

Q: With a couple guys out of the lineup tonight, I guess other guys had to pick up the slack a little bit here?

"Well Danny [Briere] caught a tough break with his suspension; it was really unfortunate for him. We miss him. Obviously he's been a big part of our team so far this year. We came out and played hard, we played tough, we stuck through it there and got the win, that's the main thing."

Q: Can you talk about the importance of face-offs? They were huge tonight.

"Yeah, I'm not sure how everyone did but I know on Giroux's goal, he won the face-off on the power play and got it right back, and a goal. And Carter was just banging them out there tonight. We've been working on them in practice, the center-men, so it pays off when you get puck possession, it's a big deal."

Q: Is it surprising even to you guys with the lineup changes that have gone on how well you have been able to put up all these numbers?

"Yeah, we're kind of mixing and matching, and everything. It was good for Wellwood to get his first game, he played well and could have had two or three goals himself. It's exciting, we're having fun coming to the rink everyday and looking forward to this weekend."

Q: And do you think it is tougher for the other team to scout you guys how you move your lines like you do?

"Yeah, well I think the main theme with everyone is pretty similar. We don't change things up from line to line. We try to play relentless Flyers hockey, get it in, cycle, change sides, up to the point, and get to the net. When we're doing that we're a real effective hockey team and you can really tell when we're not on our game because we're obviously not doing those things and play poor."

Q: I guess you've played with Kimmo [Timonen] long enough to know that he can make that pass?

"Yeah, Kim's [Timonen] a great player, he plays hard every night. He takes hits and blocks shots, and he's got an offensive side to him too. He made a great pass there that went off my skate and went in. Sometimes you get those bounces throughout the year and right now we're honored tonight to have gotten those bounces."

Q: Do you think you're underrated for the way you play the game, with the passing and the amount of skills that sometimes get overlooked?

"I think over the years my confidence grew. Coming here and being a big part of their club, playing on the top couple lines and the power play. Confidence is a weird thing. When it's there you feel great, you're skating well. When John Stevens was here he installed a lot of that in me and now Laviolette you know when you're playing hard, you're playing well, you're on a body, he really stresses that when we're going and everyone feeds off and everyone's confidence is high right now."

Q: Do you feel like you rediscovered kind of a home in-front of the net? It seems like you've been a lot more comfortable there in the last couple of games.

"Yeah, I think I could do a little bit better too on the power play. There were a couple shots tonight that came through and the goalie just kind of just gobbled them up. It's kind of my bad, I have to get in front of it, but when rebounds are there, the first goal is to be able get position and get it over the pads. Just got to keep going and wish we played tomorrow night, I'm feeling good."

Q: Did you smell that hat-trick there in the third period?

"Yeah, we were trying. I think there was only ten minutes to go when I had two. But I don't really care about that, we got the win and that's the main thing. We're at the top of our division, we've got to keep going, and keep getting wins. Thursday night will be a big test against the Rangers.

Hurricanes Right Wing Patrick Dwyer

Q: On bounces going one way or the other

"Yeah you know, that seems to be the theme right now, is we're not getting the bounces. You know if we keep working hard at it and keep pushing ourselves the bounces will start coming our way, and you know, hopefully we'll be able to get this monkey off our back and start putting some pucks in the net."

Q: You killed a penalty to start the second period, then you get your goal, it seemed like you guys were building some momentum.

"Yeah, you know anytime you can get a penalty kill, it gives your bench a little bit of life and then you get that goal and it gives you a little bit more, and then they were able to get the second one on us and it seemed like it kind of deflated us."

Q: It seems like you guys are in a series of one tough game after another with the Capitals, Pittsburgh, and now here, got it in New York.

"Yeah, but the league in this day and age, there's no easy games, it's a tough game every night so, it doesn't matter who we're going to play, it's going to be a tough game. We've just got to start finding some ways to get some goals and win these games."

Q: Talk about your goal.

"Well it was just one of those, I came off the bench and the guy came to cycle high. I was able to get a stick on him and the puck went to [Jeff] Skinner, and I got a jump on the defense and came down and just snapped it."

Flyers Head Coach Peter Laviolette

Q: What does it say when you lose one of your top centers to suspension and somebody else steps in there? It looked almost as if the line was unchanged.

"I'm sure [Jeff] Carter has played some time with [Scott] Hartnell and he's a natural centerman so that's one of the advantages of having some many guys playing the middle of the ice. I thought Jeff [Carter] jumped in there and his line was good. You're right, it seemed like it didn't slip at all and that's a good thing. All the lines got juggled a little bit tonight because of the injuries with [Andreas] Nodl out so that made an adjustment to that line. You take [Jeff] Carter off of the other line, all three of them got hit. The only one that stayed the same was [Blair] Betts' line. After the first five or six minutes of the game, I thought we did a pretty good job of controlling the game."

Q: Do you get the sense that Scott Hartnell is finding that comfort zone in front of the net again?

"It seems that way. He's played well; his line has played well for a good stretch here. Through the end of the season, the playoffs, and picking it up in training camp, he seems to be enjoying the game and that's his place to be; in front of the net."

Q: Do you see a more committed Scott Hartnell, not only in games but in practices, where he's getting more out of the time he's getting on the ice?

"Like I said I think he's got a clearer head this year. He's coming in and just enjoying hockey and being at the rink with his teammates. His line seems to have a lot of chemistry. I think Ville [Leino] is a big help to that line because he hangs on to the puck so much and creates things. It seems like there's a lot of chemistry with that line. I'm sure he's enjoying it and sometimes when you enjoy things it just shows in your game. You're more confident, you work harder. It's not like your going to work, your just going to the rink to have fun. He seems to be down that road."

Q: How did [Nikolay] Zherdev look to you?

"He looked good. I though he played a north game. He skated hard, looked for opportunities. I thought his game was better."

Q: What did you think of Eric Wellwood tonight in his debut?

"I thought he did a fine job. He's a fast skater. He had probably two to three good quality scoring chances. He gets in on the puck, he's a smart player to jump in there with Mike [Richards] on the top line; I thought he did a good job."

Flyers Center Jeff Carter

Q: What's been the key thus far for this team?

"It's been going well for us. I think at Columbus we had a pretty poor effort all around. We talked about a few things and moved on and got back to playing the way that we have to. When we play this type of game, we win a lot of games. So, it's been good."

Q: Was it easy for you to slide in there with Ville and Scott on that line?

"Yeah, I played with Hartnell for the last two or three years now. Ville makes pretty good plays with the puck there. He's trying to find holes and he finds them. So, it wasn't too bad."

Q: A lot of different people seem to be contributing offensively right now. How key is that for this team?

"Yeah, it's good. We have three solid lines that can put the puck in at anytime, and our defense. So, it's definitely a good thing that we have going here. If we can keep everybody rolling it's going to be hard to stop us."

Q: What does that say when you can just move in and replace the guy who's at the top line and it looks like nothings changed?

"I played there for the last three years, so it's not too hard."

Q: I think it says something maybe about the depth of the team...

"Yeah, I mean it's definitely a good thing. There's going to be injuries and stuff that happens all year. Guys are going to get put in another lineup and we have anybody that can really step in and play any position or any role and do a good job at it."

Q: It seems like Scott has been playing with a lot of confidence. Can you notice a difference?

"Yeah, he's been good. For Hartnell, I think when he's good, he's been banging and working down low. I think he's been working hard off the ice to get into top shape. He's showing it out there. He's been rolling, so hopefully he keeps going."

Q: Do you feel like he's really been comfortable in front of the net? It seems like that's when he's most dangerous.

"Yeah. He corners the net and when he's out there hitting, rocking away, and bombing guys, that's his game and that's when he gets production."

Hurricanes head coach Paul Maurice

Q. On the team's play

A. "It's been a bit of a problem, it's not questionable, Tuomo Ruutu's numbers are improving, Brandon Sutter's numbers are improving, but they're improving from a level that is so low. Our percentages have to go up, there's no question about it. Maybe a little more help from the wings and some things like that will help."

Q. You guys came out in the second period, you came off of that penalty, looked like things were turning around...

"Two more penalties, it looked like we had a hard time getting our legs back. The goal, the one to two one, I liked where we were at that point, the two one and some of the offense we were getting and then we got behind it a little. I didn't think they were great either and there wasn't a lot of emotion in the game, but we just couldn't get the next one to get it rolling."

Q. This stretch of games, you played pretty quality opponents, what are the Hurricanes going to work on?

"What we're talking about now here, is the attention to detail has to be nearly perfect, because we're not getting there quite as fast as we were a week ago and that's all right. We just have to get the rest that we can get on our off days and find a way to drive your legs a little harder, and get more guys off of the bench."