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The Florida Panthers want YOU!

I get the same promotional emails from the Flyers that everybody else gets. Santa Sacks! Dollar Pretzel Night! Bernie Parent Banner Night! You know the drill, you probably get them too. You were probably as surprised as me, then, when you opened your inbox this afternoon and saw a plea from the Florida Panthers to come see a Flyers game in Sunrise.


Awkwaaaaaard. Even better is the page on the Panthers website when you click that "CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE" button there. That's lower bowl end tickets for Flyers fans that run at 20 bucks a pop, or upper level tickets at center ice for the same price. That's a hell of a discount from the same ticket in Philadelphia.

You can even get "all-inclusive" club-type tickets that come with free beer, food and soda for only 50 bucks. Combine these deals with Southwest Airlines current $59 ticket deal and you could head to Florida to catch a Flyers game in the dead of winter for a pretty reasonable price. Will you?