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Flyers Eke Out Agonizing 5-4 Win Over Caps In Shootout

WASHINGTON--It's not often in a road game against the top team in the league that a team blows a two-goal lead in the third period , then a new one-goal lead later in that same frame , and gets to walk out of the building with a smile.

But that's just what the Flyers did tonight, letting the Capitals back into the game with three third period power play goals, yet eventually coming away with two points via shootout. 

The first two games between these top two teams in the East have both gone into charity point territory, with each getting a win.  The Flyers and Caps don't go head-to-head again until January, but the battle in the standings between the two will certainly continue the rest of the year (or until the Caps pull away when the Flyers start to skid).

Some more bullets on a game that probably made you want to put a gun to your head at several points:

  • Claude Giroux thrusted first goal into the net in a way that had to make men cringe and women swoon, and admitted as much when talking to Steve Coates about it during intermission.  He would only say that it went off his "body" postgame, but he said that with a smile.
  • In his first start in weeks, Brian Boucher got the win, albeit with copious help from his posts.  But he was very solid in the shootout (Game 82 much?), getting a glove on both Backstrom and Ovechkin's shots before getting some help on Semin's effort from both the post and crossbar.  But despite not picking up many style points, it was clear the win meant a ton to him.
  • Andreas "Deal or" Nodl, who scored a very pretty tourniquet of a goal late in the third, is now on pace for twenty goals this season.  Raise your hand if you saw that ever happening.  For some perspective on how strange that is, Nodl's five goals on the season is only two behind Nicklas Backstrom's seven.  He was named first star of the game, which I guess makes as much sense as anything.
  • Huge, huge turnout of Flyers fans at the Verizon Center tonight, easily the most I've seen there since before 2008.  Lots of "Let's Go Fly-ers," lots of "BOOOOSH," lots of happy people on the sidewalk afterward. 
  • Lastly, you gotta watch Chris Pronger's post game press:

After the jump, questions answered and a comment of the night:

Questions Answered:

  1. The Caps lost big last night, 5-0 to the Thrashers. What do we see out of them tonight? They weren't that bad, but their best players were not their best players.  Ovechkin, who has beenfar less spellbinding to watch than
  2. Um, defense. Rebound game, right? Four is only half of eight!
  3. How does Brian Boucher look in net, getting his first start in almost a month? Sufficient, if unspectacular.
  4. Can the special teams get back on track? Giving up three power play goals cannot be called "on track."
  5. Will the Flyers stop Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom and the Caps offense? The stars were fairly invisible, but a lot of the Caps depth guys (Marcus Johansson especially) had nice nights.

Comment of the Night:

Claude Giroux can score with either stick...--Down Goes Spezza

Carey Price takes his overachieving to the WFC Monday.  Go Flyers.