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Ian Laperriere on P.K. Subban: "His name would be on my game plan"

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Ian Laperriere might not be in the lineup tonight, but that's not going to keep him from speaking his mind about the latest little dust-up between his Flyers and the Montreal Canadiens. In a French-language interview with, Laperriere had some choice words for P.K. Subban

Lappy says Subban should heed the warnings of Mike Richards. Here's a translation from Google, which is actually surprisingly coherent. We've altered it just a bit to make it easier to read, though.

Richie is not the kind of guy to throw empty threats. He did not like the attitude of the guy and he said it. Understand one thing: Mike had nothing against PK Subban the hockey player. A defender of his talent, we would like to have him on our club. But the fact is that Subban spends his time after games bitching. At some point, enough is enough. I followed the game the other night on TV and even my lounge there he was falling on my nerves. If I had the chance to play tonight, I can assure you that his name would be on my game plan. I'm not saying that Mike or another will go after him, but he must be aware of what he does on the ice and assume responsibility.

Oh, baby. Tonight's gonna be fun (probably).

(H/T: Shaun Kreider)