BSH Pick-Up Game 12/5 FINAL (Countdown) Details

We're less than one week out now. Very excited. Here's the details:

WHERE: Bellmont Hills where the last two have been. Here's the google maps coordinates.

WHEN: SUNDAY DECEMBER 5th @ 9 AM. We'll shoot to be start at 9, maybe start playing around quarter after, knowing us?

WHO: Tell me in the comments if you're definitely coming. (PS We all need to tell Geoff that he has to come b/c he's on the fence about it.) Even if you can't play you should still come if you've got nothing better to do (and the only things I'll accept as BETTER are getting married or having a baby, everything else will probably be shot down). They're a lot of fun to watch, you might see JPH and Geoff get into a scrap. Geoff fall on his head, literally. Beatniche fall...repeatedly. Travis shoot pucks at my junk to get back at me for samsies. M From Puck Daddy...well, be M From Puck Daddy, he's pretty damn funny. You can also make fun of Darkside for having a leafs jersey and playing goal in it (VESA TOSKALA!) Plus if Don and Chris Lanci show up...who knows what will happen!

WHAT TO WEAR: Orange and Black are the teams. If you don't have Orange or Black shirts...then you should stop calling yourself a Flyers fan! Bring one of each and we'll split into teams and decide what side is what. Please try to make your shirts ALL THE SAME COLOR! (I'm lookin' at you, guy who had that shirt that was half white half orange over the summer....was that Don?)

After the game I think we should all go to a bar or eatery and watch the game. I don't know the area so someone please suggest a location for us to go to. In the comments say whether or not you're down for this as well. It was a lot of fun when about 6 of us went to PJ's last year after the first game.

Miscellaneous: I'll play goal, who's taking the other net? Hartmanzord and EREX e-mail me and we'll work out carpool details.

Let me know if I left anything out.

ALSO: Please rec this so it stays at the top all week as a reminder. Thanks!

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