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Flyers never been better with Timonen

Two months into the season, Kimmo Timonen says the Flyers are better and more balanced than ever during his time in Philadelphia.

"Absolutely. By far."

"Now we’ve been able to maintain our own level for a longer period of time. We’ve had some good stretches before as well, but not this kind of consistency. We used to play 3-4 good games, but immediately followed them with 3-4 bad games. It used to be a rollercoaster."

Timonen says the key to consistency has been good offense.

"We have three lines that work well offensively and they seem to have some healthy competition between them on which line can score more goals."

"And improved goaltending has given us confidence."

"The forwards have played well. Even if we have allowed some goals, we’ve been able to win games."

Timonen says the Flyers have adjusted their game plan a little from last season.

"Now we play more with the puck."

When things are going well, there’s always the risk of the team starting to think they can win games by just showing up. Timonen says the whole team is aware of it.

"The coach reminds us about it every day, so we’re well aware of it. It doesn’t help at all to be a good team now. You have to be a good team all season."

"We still have a long way to go."

This report was based off of a Finnish-language story in the publication Veikkaaja.