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Capitals fans don't want you traveling to D.C.

Aw, poor Caps fans. Too much orange in their lives.
Aw, poor Caps fans. Too much orange in their lives.

Having visiting fans invade your barn can be a frustrating experience. We deal with it often in Philadelphia, especially considering our proximity of the rabid, obnoxious New York fan base to the North. On the other hand, when you're the invader and you're making the trek to Pittsburgh or NYC or Montreal or even Phoenix, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Pretty easy to understand why fans love doing it. Walking out of a visiting arena when your team just beat the home team is probably one of the best feelings a sports fan can have. Capitals fans want to take that away from us, though.

From Mike Holden, a Capitals fan:

More than one person commented on Twitter during yesterday’s Caps game about the number of Flyers fans that were at the game, including some who said that some Philly fans were in seats normally occupied by Caps season ticket holders. My brother, who was at the game, said to me later by text, "It was the most noise I have heard in Verizon for a goal by the visitors in a long while." But he said it was, "still easily over 90 percent Caps fans."

Holden also quotes the following Tweet from a famous Caps fan called "The Horn Guy."

Too many Fliers fans here for a Sunday matinee. If you sell your tickets to any fan of a PA team you ought to have your tix revoked.

We can't really blame them for getting mad at us and we can't blame them for wanting to do something about it. I mean, hell, we're loud and we make our presence known. Everybody knows that Philly fans travel better than just about any other fans in sports. We're basically everywhere.

Caps fans don't want us there. We're going to keep showing up. There's really nothing they can do about it. Sorry, yall.