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Wednesday Morning Fly By: So the Flyers Played the Bruins Last Year?

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Michael Leighton is officially on a rehab assignment with the Phantoms: [Frequent Flyers] [Flyer Files] [Philly Sports Daily]
  • He spoke with Tim McManus about his rehab: []
  • Working on the power play: [CSN]
  • The Flyers invited troops from Fort Dix to their practice yesterday: [Philly Sports Daily]
  • Our own Travis Hughes was quoted in a story about the Albany Devils playing in Atlantic City: []
  • "However, what's up with Danny Briere? He's basically on pace to take one bonehead penalty every other game..." [From The Rink]
  • A new way to look at special teams efficiency: [The Copper & Blue]
  • Jakub Kovar stopped 36 of 39 shots in a 3-1 loss: [euroflyers]
  • A troubling quote from a league executive: "If the Flyers want to keep Leino, they have to trade someone. He's easily worth $2.5M." [euroflyers]
  • Yesterday, Teemu gave season updates on most prospects, including Kovar and Joacim Eriksson: [euroflyers]
  • Looking at Roberto Luongo and why his reputation for losing in big games is unfounded: [Brodeur is a Fraud]
  • Two Phantoms are worth following on Twitter, if only for their humor: "@dannysyvret...i have normal sized ears, and atleast i can tan and dont need 100 sunblock just to sit on a patio" [stefanlegein]
  • The Flyers currently own the 4th best adjusted Corsi rating in the NHL: [Objective NHL]
  • Simon Gagne was the first star of last night's game as he registered a goal and an assist, including the overtime winner: [SBNation]
  • Lastly, remember that there is a BSH pickup game on Sunday: [BSH]