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Warning: Next nine games look brutal for Flyers

Slumber party!
Slumber party!

Don't look now, but over the next few weeks, we might learn exactly the kind of Flyers team we have this season.

Over the course of their next nine games, the Flyers will play seven teams ranked 6th or higher in their respective conferences. They will play six games against teams currently ranked 5th or higher in their conferences, and they will play both teams currently at the top of each conference.

It all starts Saturday against Boston.

Opponent Rank W L OTL Pts
Sat Dec 11 at Boston Bruins 5th in East 16 8 3 35
Tue Dec 14
Pittsburgh Penguins 1st in East 20 8 2 42
Wed Dec 15 at Montreal Canadiens 3rd in East 18 8 2 38
Sat Dec 18
New York Rangers 6th in East 17 12 1 35
Mon Dec 20
Florida Panthers 10th in East 13 14 0 26
Tue Dec 28 at Vancouver Canucks 3rd in West 15 8 3 33
Thu Dec 30 at Los Angeles Kings 5th in West 16 10 0 32
Fri Dec 31 at Anaheim Ducks 11th in West 14 13 4 32
Sun Jan 02 at Detroit Red Wings 1st in West 17 6 3 37

There are only two games in this upcoming stretch against non-playoff teams, and the teams have a combined record of 146-87-18. The rest of December will likely tell us a lot about these 2010-11 Philadelphia Flyers.