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Pronger's knee not an issue; foot injury forced early exit

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Ready... and, deep breaths.

Chris Pronger left the third period of last night's game with one of those dreaded lower-body injuries, and immediately we all jumped into a frenzy. Not the knee. Not the knee. For the love of God, not the knee.

Hey, it's not the knee. Frank Seravalli of the Daily News has more:

Fear not, Flyers fans: Pronger’s knee was apparently not impacted on Wednesday night - even though Pronger admits he has never been at 100 percent this season.


Unfortunately, all we know for now is that it’s his foot. We have no idea as to the severity, if there is a fracture or any pain or swelling.

Sam Carchidi tweeted last night that Pronger didn't have too much pain after the game, so that's good. Hopefully it won't be too serious of a thing here. Luckily, after Saturday's game against the Rangers and Tuesday's game against the Panthers, there's an eight-day lay off where No. 20 can take plenty of time to rest.