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Tuesday's game between Flyers, Pens broke TV records

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A lot of people, both in Philadelphia and nationally, watched hockey on Tuesday night. So much so that Versus broke records for the game, which saw the Flyers snap the Penguins 12-game winning streak.

From a Versus press release:

VERSUS averaged 750,000 viewers for the Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers telecast on Tuesday, December 14, making it the most-watched regular-season game in network history and surpassing the previous high set by the same two teams in this year’s season-opener on October 7, 2010 (730,000 viewers). The telecast, which peaked at nearly one million viewers between 9:15-9:30 p.m. ET, was the most-watched NHL regular-season game on cable since December 2003 (!!!).

Locally, VERSUS was the #1 rated cable network in both the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia markets on Tuesday night. Both markets saw drastic increases over their 2009-10 regular-season averages with Pittsburgh receiving a 11.2 HH rating (up 50%) and Philadelphia delivering a 3.5 HH rating (up 42%). The game was also the highest rated regular-season game ever on VERSUS in the Philadelphia market, beating the previous record set by the New Jersey/Philadelphia game on March 23, 2009.

Emphasis ours.

Note, of course, that an 11.2 rating in Pittsburgh and a 3.5 rating in Philadelphia doesn't mean that more people were watching hockey in Pitt. We have more households (and more people). I'm not doing the calculations to figure out how many people that is in each city, though.

Anyway, not groundbreaking news, but cool nonetheless. I heard a guy on XM Home Ice today complaining that he's sick of hearing about Pennsylvania. "Cliff Lee, Sidney Crosby, the Flyers, the Penguins, more Flyers." That guy better get used to it.