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VIDEO: Reason 542 Why James van Riemsdyk Has Some Work To Do

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I'm a fan of James van Riemsdyk. He's a relatively-local kid, he's clearly got his head on straight, he's got a ton of skill, etc. Sometimes, though, we're reminded that he's not quite there yet (the benching earlier this year was a pretty sound reminder too), and this play from last night's 3-0 loss to the Bruins exemplifies that pretty clearly.

JVR picks up the puck along his own goal line, and despite having Jeff Carter and Darroll Powe with him in the neutral zone, he decides to go coast-to-coast with it. He almost got there, actually .... until Johnny Boychuk told him to sit the eff down.

That might've worked at UNH, man, but it's never gonna work here. Back to the drawing board.

(To give him credit, the defensive play to knock David Krejci off the puck near the Flyers net was pretty big.)