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Dan Carcillo can hit people again

Hide yo kids: Dan Carcillo's been let loose.
Hide yo kids: Dan Carcillo's been let loose.

Dan Carcillo gets to hit people again. According to Philly Sports Daily, he's been cleared for contact and could be available sooner rather than later.

"I have no idea, man," Carcillo told Philly Sports Daily. "I’m cleared to play, and whenever I get in, I get in."

"Anytime you’re not on the ice, it’s tough. Whether we’re winning or losing or playing good or playing bad, it doesn’t really matter," Carcillo said. "You wanna be out there with the guys and you wanna be a part of it. When you’re not, it sucks, and you gotta work that much harder to get back in the lineup."

Nobody knows when Carbomb will actually find his way into the lineup. With Leighton's return imminent following the weekend, the Flyers are faced with several roster questions, so to speculate on where Carcillo fits in the lineup can probably be considered premature right now.

Either way, it doesn't look like finding his way into a game soon will be easy, but if you watched the third period of the game on Wednesday, you know that Peter Laviolette isn't happy with the way his roster looks. A lot might depend on what the Flyers do in two divisional games this weekend. If they fail to get points or if they still look sluggish through these two games, it's probably more likely that Carcillo finds his way back into the lineup sooner rather than later.

If the Flyers snap out of it in time for Saturday's game against New Jersey, though, Peter Laviolette may opt to keep Carcillo in the press box. We'll see.