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Flyers Year End Awards 2010: Goal Of The Year

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Continuing with our Year End Awards, which debuted yesterday with debate on the Best Flyers Goaltender of 2010, we now have to settle on the Goal of the Year.

There were plenty of options, but we've settled on a few that we think are worthy of the discussion. Some are included for reasons of sheer offensive brilliance, some for complete shock value and some because they were the culmination of something magical.

View them all after the jump in chronological order.

January 6th - Dan Carcillo (yes, Dan Carcillo!) with the goal of his career vs Toronto

February 1 - Claude Giroux dances around all of Atlanta, scores beauty

March 13 - Chris Pronger wins it with 2.1 seconds left vs Chicago

May 1 - Danny Briere splits the defense, ties Game 1 vs Boston in third

May 14 - Simon Gagne's GWG vs Boston in Game 7

May 24 - Mike Richards beats Halak in playoffs

November 4 - Claude Giroux's amazing backhand pass, Mike Richards' perfect finish vs NYR

Okay, time to vote. What's the best Flyers goal of 2010?