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Your Christmas Present: Paul Holmgren

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If you don't read The Copper & Blue, I understand.  Nobody should subject themselves to that horrid hockey team (to be fair, they are getting better) and therefore, should probably avoid reading about that team.  But Derek Zona and Scott Reynolds do a great job and I recommend reading when possible.

I bring this up because they promoted a FanPost from one of their commenters that is a ridiculously good idea.

Your present is: Fifteen minutes in a room with Paul Holmgren and truth serum. The serum is only strong enough to get one answer.  For those of you who are offended, you can pretend your present is a 100% guaranteed truthful answer, without any physical attack on him.

Either way, what one question would you ask Mr. Holmgren? Maybe you want to know the truth behind Ian Laperriere playing with a spot on his brain.  Maybe you want to know how the team acquired Sergei Bobrovksy.  Maybe you want to know whether he really was shopping James van Riemsdyk.  Or maybe you want to know what his favorite restaurant is.  Who knows.

Personally, I want to ask him to explain Randy Jones. It's probably greedy to start at the contract extension, go through the Briere returning from LTIR fiasco, and get to the re-entry debacle. So I'll specify the question to be simply "What were you thinking when you placed Jones on re-entry despite having trade offers for him?"

What about you?