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Still on holiday: Flyers fail to show up, lose in Vancouver for first time since 1989

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The Flyers had eight days between hockey games. Well, okay, technically seven days off, including four complete days away from the rink. You'd think that maybe there'd be a slight lay off to start the game tonight, but that after short de-rusting period, the Flyers would be right back to form. 

After all, Peter Laviolette said last week after the 5-0 loss to Florida, with a tone that implied that he'd be teaching his team a lesson, that they'd be "responsive" after the break.

Instead, the Flyers failed to show up in Vancouver tonight, losing 6-2 and gettin' goony in the process. Thanks, Jody Shelley. Off to the principal's office with you.

We might as well just file this one in the "BAD TEAM GAME" file. Like the Florida loss, you can't blame just one player on this one. The whole team was in bed early tonight, and as a result, I'm cutting the recap here. The Flyers didn't show up and they're three hours ahead of me, so why should I?


(Seinfeld jokes in back-to-back recaps. Silver lining.)

See you on Thursday, Flyers. Hopefully. After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the night. 

Questions with Answers

  1. After over a week without a game, can the Flyers kick into gear quickly or does it take a while for them to find their sea legs? They didn't kick into anything. 
  2. Does Jody Shelley's insertion into the lineup prove to be a smart move? Sean O`Donnell had a nice fight late in the first. You know, trying to pump up the team. Shelley sucker punches a guy for no reason in a blow out. We report, you decide. 
  3. Can the Flyers stop the Sedin twins? Kesler was the real problem.
  4. Roberto Luongo is about to have a kid later this week. His wife is in Florida preparing for a C-section. Does his mind appear to be elsewhere? Have to put the puck on the net to score, whether it's a Gold Medalist or a trash can in there.
  5. Peter Laviolette predicted that his team would be "responsive" after the Christmas break thanks to that drubbing at the hands of the Panthers last week. Was his prediction correct? He should stick to his day job.


Comment of the Night

This Canucks-Phantoms game makes me want a Flyers version so badly it’s not funny.

>> Vansteel