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Jody Shelley suspended two games

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The NHL has suspended Jody Shelley two games for his sucker punch to the face of Andrew Alberts last night, according to the team. He'll miss tomorrow night's game against the Los Angeles Kings and Friday night's game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Hey, at least he can get drunk for New Years now! Seriously, this is the same deal as last time Shelley was suspended just a few weeks ago. With Dan Carcillo on the roster, this won't impact the quality of the team the Flyers can put on the ice in these two games.

It's probably not a fair suspension considering that, as we mentioned this morning, Milan Lucic received nothing but a fine for an almost identical sucker punch on New York's Freddy Meyer, but nonetheless. Shelley's out, Carcillo's in. Nothing to lose sleep over.