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Back off the ledge: Kimmo Timonen injury not serious

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Kimmo Timonen will probably never be 100 percent healthy, at least until he retires, but it's nice to know that the lower-body injury he suffered against the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night won't keep him out more than a game.

That's what he told the assembled media in Los Angeles after practice today. Tim Panaccio passes on the news.

Timonen says its 50/50 he plays vs kings but won't miss more than a game. Leg injury it appears.

The Flyers called up Erik Gustafsson from Adirondack earlier in the day, but Peter Laviolette also said after practice that he expects Timonen to play tomorrow. Either way, it's nice to have backup on a long West Coast swing, and that's what Gustafsson provides. It'll be good experience for him to be around the Flyers, anyway. 

So, deep breaths. Kimmo is fine. We will survive.