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Takin' care of business: Flyers learn from loss, handle Leafs in 4-1 win

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After last night's nightmare of a third period against the Sharks in Philadelphia, the Flyers weren't going to let another 4-1 lead slip away. They took care of their business, learning from their mistakes from a night ago, and rolled to an easy win over the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs.

Just about everything improved tonight, as the Flyers successfully made the quick turnaround. One point of hell from Wednesday was the face off game. The Sharks scored two of their goals off draws last night while taking over 60 percent of them on the night. Tonight at Air Canada Centre, the Flyers scored two of their goals with help of big offensive zone face off wins while winning a whopping 68 percent of the draws.

Jeff Carter was fantastic, winning 13 of 14. Mike Richards won 11 of 15. That's how you turn around and improve in 24 hours. We might even be able to say they fixed the penalty problem too, at least in a way. There were some bad infractions in the first period, to be sure. Braydon Coburn's double minor in the first period was, um, not good.

But the general lack of discipline went away tonight, for the most part, and at every turn, the Flyers were able to snuff out any sense that the Leafs could pick up any momentum. Penalties were quickly killed, scoring chances were quickly turned aside -- especially thanks to some very solid goaltending by Brian Boucher -- and when Toronto scored, the Flyers answered within seconds.

And who answered? None other than Danny Briere, last night's chief offender. He led the redemption theme tonight with two goals and some monstrous play. (Of course, Pierre McGuire still gave Richards his Monster Of The Game award.)

Tonight, the Flyers were able to successfully put last night behind them, learn from their mistakes and redeem themselves. They took care of business against a team they should've taken care of business against. Two points.

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the night.


Questions with Answers

  1. The Leafs get Dion Phaneuf back tonight for the first time in over a month. What's his impact? *shrug*
  2. Can the Flyers quickly put last night's loss behind them and beat an inferior team handily tonight? Yes they can!
  3. Brian Boucher gets his first start in five games tonight. How's that work out? Boosh looked great.
  4. Ville Leino scored his first in a while last night, and that line looked to have a bit more jump again. Does that carry over to tonight? That line looked fantastic tonight, as did Leino.

Comment of the Night: You know, we said we'd give this to Todd if the Flyers lost, but you know what? It's a win-win.

It’s hard to type when your palms are on your face.

>> ToddtheFox, on Coburn's early double-minor