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BSH Radio 4: Anthony SanFilippo of the Delco Times Talks Emery, Holmgren & More

On Tuesday evening, Ben, Geoff and I taped this weeks edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio. Our guest was Anthony SanFilippo, Flyers beat writer at the Delaware County Times.

The Recap

On this week's edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, Geoff and I have a lengthy discussion with SanFilippo about everything you could possibly imagine about the team. We talk about Ray Emery's injury and how it'll affect his contract talks. Does he think it should? We'll talk about a column he wrote over the weekend that seemed to be a veiled criticism of Paul Holmgren. He tells us if it was.

Sticking with the same subject, we ask SanFilippo if Holmgren is really, truly serious about saying that he won't trade Jeff Carter. We also talk about the Olympics and a few media-related things before some fun talk about who the best player in the locker room to get a quote from might be.

It's a 40 minute chat and his answers are unbelievably in depth. It's highly recommended.

After the interview, Ben joins the show from snowy, Internet-less D.C. The three of us talk about the Emery injury, what it means for the future at the goaltender position in Philadelphia, Jeff Carter's hit on Anssi Salmela, the Olympics, and the potential that the NHL Draft and the NHL All-Star Game could come to Philadelphia.

Finally, we close the show with our first listener rant! If you'd like to leave one of your own, the button and directions are after the jump. Get the episode after the jump as well.

Follow our guest's work on Twitter [@AnthonySan37], and at the Delaware County Times.

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