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NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan Is A Traitor

Rex Ryan is an eccentric dude. He's known for his outlandish press conferences and giving people the finger in public with cameras around. He's regarded by some as a complete jerk and by others as as breath of fresh air in the NFL coaching ranks because he's not afraid to speak his mind.

After last night, it's safe to say we can side with the former.

Ryan took in the Carolina Hurricanes game against the Florida Panthers and, potentially confused about his surroundings, he wore a Flyers jersey to the event. It was a 70s era orange Dave Schultz jersey, to be exact.

His justification, via an audio interview with Raleigh's 99.9 WRAL:

I'm a huge hockey fan. I actually grew up in Toronto, I spent eight years in Toronto. So, I followed hockey forever. Dave Schultz is just a guy, I like the way he played or I like the way he fought I guess.

Okay, that's fine. No problem there, until....

Photos via The Big Lead:


Rex Ryan, officially in the doghouse. Oh, and sorry about the gut. Don't care about this at all? Yeah, me either. But it's a snow day and there's really nothing better to do. (H/T: Pension Plan Puppets)