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Quick reminder: Leave a voicemail message for BSH Radio

Tomorrow night we'll be recording the next episode of BSH Radio. Set to appear on the program is Mike Boone, columnist at the Montreal Gazette and the guy who compared the Flyers to Adolf Hitler.

If you have a question or a comment to make directly to our guest, you can do so using the call me button below. We'll play it back on the show and we'll have Boone answer your question directly. Keep it PG-13ish.

Here's how it works: Click the button, enter your phone number and your phone will ring. Pick it up and it will connect you to our inbox. Pretty simple. You don't have to put your name but we're not going to know who left the message otherwise.


Also, we don't have Flyers hockey this week so we're opening up the discussion topics to you guys as well. Call in and ask us a question or give us a discussion topic. It can be as off the wall or as serious as you'd like, given that it can be related to the Flyers or hockey.

If you're uncomfortable with your voice or something, feel free to just drop us an email as well. broadstreethockey at